Ted Lawless

Now Publishing Complete Lahman Baseball Database with Datasette


Summary: The Datasette API available at https://baseballdb.lawlesst.net now contains the full Lahman Baseball Database.

In a previous post, I described how I'm using Datasette to publish a subset of the Lahman Baseball Database. At that time, I only published three of the 27 tables available in the database. I've since expanded that Datasette API to include the complete Baseball Database.

The process for this was quite straightforward. I ran the MySQL dump Lahman helpfully provides through this mysql2sqlite tool to provide an import file for sqlite. Importing into sqlite for publishing with Datasette was as simple as:

$ ./mysql2sqlite lahman2016.sql | sqlite3 baseball.db

The complete sqlite version of the Lahman database is 31 megabytes.


With the full database now loaded, there are many more interesting queries that can be run. Including:

Happy querying. If you are using this in a project or interested in learning more, leave a comment below or contact me directly.