1. Usable sample researcher profile data
  2. Exploring 10 years of the New Yorker Fiction Podcast with Wikidata


  1. Now Publishing Complete Lahman Baseball Database with Datasette
  2. Publishing the Lahman Baseball Database with Datasette
  3. SPARQL to Pandas Dataframes


  1. Querying Wikidata to Identify Globally Famous Baseball Players


  1. Python ETL and JSON-LD
  2. OrgRef data as RDF


  1. Using Pelican for a Gitub personal page
  2. Select2 for RDF editing interfaces
  3. Connecting Python's RDFLib and Stardog
  4. Python and JSON-LD


  1. An OpenRefine reconciliation service for academic journal data
  2. Solr Document Signatures
  3. Caching VIVO profiles with ETags and mod_cache
  4. A utility script for developing VIVO custom list views
  5. Using Z39.50 to produce a Stack View.
  6. Reading and writing RDF for VIVO with RDFAlchemy


  1. A Python module for placing requests in ILLiad
  2. Free text citations to library content
  3. Using Python and Pyjnius to connect to Jena models
  4. Focusing on Delivery
  5. Django, Heroku, and the 360Link API